Paul Mason: Elite goes tinfoil over Momentum; Owen Smith calls 18,000-strong group an “alien parasite”

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In the past two days there’s been a clear, programmed switch of emphasis in the Labour right’s campaign against Jeremy Corbyn.

They have switched from attacking Corbyn himself to attacking Momentum, the grassroots campaign set up by his supporters after he won last time, and which forms the backbone of his leadership campaign now.

A Times story, based on an offical-looking but anonymous dossier about Momentum’s activities in Liverpool, forms the centrepiece. Two pre-scheduled TV “investigations” are to follow.

The Liverpool dossier has been compiled by someone — believed to be local Labour officials — using undercover surveillance methods to infiltrate Google and Facebook groups Momentum uses.

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#WASPI is a campaign group that fights pension injustice to women born in the 1950’s, local day of action #Derbyuk City Centre (at The Ram) on Friday 16th September, 2016, at 11.00-14.00,

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WASPI is a campaign group that fights the injustice done to women born in the 1950’s, regarding changes to their state pension age. Draconian decisions by all Governments has resulted in many women finding themselves without any income and in dire circumstances due to pension rule changes, arbitrarily introduced with little thought to the impact on those 2.5m women affected.

The campaign seeks to achieve fair transitional state pension arrangements.
The campaign has become increasingly effective at getting noticed, however, mass support is now urgently required.

There is a local day of action, in Derby City Centre (at The Ram) on Friday 16th September, 2016, at 11.00-14.00, with a choir singing the WASPI Anthem around 13.00hrs.

The very moving anthem can be heard at:
Please try to support this very important campaign which can be followed at
And #WASPI Campaign on Twitter. And

Hoping to see you there

Derby Peoples Assembly


Book your Coach Seats; National Demonstration Tory Conference Sunday October 2nd 2016

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Steve Bell 07.09.16

Steve Bell on Theresa May and grammar schools – cartoon

We will demand investment in public services, in infrastructure, and in decent jobs for all. An end to scapegoating of migrants which divides our communities and whips up racism. Join us and help make sure the demonstration is as big as possible.

Join us, in our tens of thousands, to demand change

Derby Coach – Pick up point:  2 Pride Point Dr, Derby DE24 8BX departing 9.15 am to arrive Victoria Square Birmingham 10.30 am

To book a seat on a coach please email The DEADLINE is Friday 16th September
for more information on the event click

Rod Liddle said, “do the math”. So I did.

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So I was coaxed to actually upload something to this site by the hateful idiocy of this excerpt from a Rod Liddle column in Liverpool’s favourite red-top (which came to my attention via @SunA…

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When troubleshooting goes bad…

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Blimey. More documents pinging mysteriously into the Justice shed. Including a letter written by the then Sloven board chair to Monitor (now NSH Improvement) raising serious governance concerns in …

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