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Watch BBCNEWS at Ten #NHS Winter Pressures 22/01/2018, See what the #Conservatives have done to your #NHS: Now Strike Back, Support the Health Workers, Demonstration London February 3rd, Coach from #Derbyuk #Derbyshire #Labour #Momentum #UNITE #UNISON #RCN

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Look what the Conservatives have done to the NHS

Strike Back

Support the Demonstration London February 3rd

Coach from Derby

Watch here

Watch here


#DerbyUK People’s Assembly: Happy New Year, welcome to the first newsletter of 2018 People’s Assembly and Health Campaigns Together called an“Emergency Demonstration” in London on Saturday 3 February

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Happy New Year, welcome to the first newsletter of 2018

People’s Assembly & Health Campaigns Together called an“Emergency Demonstration” in London on Saturday 3 February

This is in response to the worsening Winter Crisis in the NHS. Jeremy Hunt has been promoted, he should have been sacked in the recent ministerial reshuffle. Read the joint statement from The People’s Assembly & Health Campaigns Together

Help make this a success

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NHS Winter Crisis: Thousands left in ambulances
16,900 people in a week kept in NHS ambulances waiting for hospital care. The highest number of people this winter were forced to wait in back of ambulance during Christmas week in England.

Carillion collapse highlights need for ending privatisation in the NHS
Health campaigners are urging the Government to stop rewarding private sector firms with NHS contracts and restore the health service to a publicly owned and controlled national resource, in the wake of the Carillion debacle. Read more here:

300,000 people on low incomes missing out on the benefits they’re due.
The Resolution Foundation said that numbers are “falling through the cracks” in the system and not claiming benefits worth at least £73 a week. Click here for article:

Get in touch, we all need to do our bit to help defeat austerity, defend the NHS and begin to invest in people and services. Still a political choice to cut and destroy rather than protect, invest and build for the long term. There are alternatives.

Derby People’s Assembly

120,000 DEATHS LINKED TO #Conservative #LibDems AUSTERITY #Derbyuk #Derbyshire #Labour #Momentum #DCFC

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The Conservatives have been accused of “economic murder” for austerity policies which a new study suggests have caused 120,000 deaths.

The paper found that there were 45,000 more deaths in the first four years of Tory-led efficiencies than would have been expected if funding had stayed at pre-election levels.

On this trajectory that could rise to nearly 200,000 excess deaths by the end of 2020, even with the extra funding that has been earmarked for public sector services this year. Real terms funding for health and social care fell under the Conservative-led Coalition Government in 2010, and the researchers conclude this “may have produced” the substantial increase in deaths. The paper identified that mortality rates in the UK had declined steadily from 2001 to 2010, but this reversed sharply with the death rate growing again after austerity came in. From this reversal the authors identified that 45,368 extra deaths occurred between 2010 and 2014, than would have been expected, although it stops short of calling them “avoidable”.

Based on those trends it predicted the next five years – from 2015 to 2020 – would account for 152,141 deaths – 100 a day – findings which one of the authors likened to “economic murder”.

The Government began relaxing austerity measures this year announcing the end of its cap on public sector pay rises and announcing an extra £1.3bn for social care in the Spring Budget. Over three years the additional funding for social care is expected to reach £2bn, which Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said was “patching up a small part of the damage” wrought by £4.6bn cuts. The study, published in BMJ Open today, estimated that to return death rates to their pre-2010 levels spending would need to increase by £25.3bn. The Department of Health said “firm conclusions” cannot be drawn from this work, and independent academics warned the funding figures were “speculative”.

However local councils who have been struggling to fund care with slashed budgets urged the Government to consider the research seriously. Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said the Government must match Labour’s spending pledges in the Autumn Budget.

Per capita public health spending between 2001 and 2010 increased by 3.8 per cent a year, but in the first four years of the Coalition, increases were just 0.41 per cent, researchers from University College London found. In social care the annual budget increase collapsed from 2.20 per cent annually, to a decrease of 1.57 per cent. The researchers found this coincided with death rates which had decreased by around 0.77 per cent a year to 2010, beginning to increase again by 0.87 per cent a year.

And the majority of those were people reliant on social care, the paper says: “This is most likely because social care experienced greater relative spending constraints than healthcare.” It also notes that a drop in nurse numbers may have accounted for 10 per cent of deaths, concluding: “We have found that spending constraints since 2010, especially public expenditure on social care, may have produced a substantial mortality gap in England.”

The papers’ senior author and a researcher at UCL, Dr Ben Maruthappu, said that while the paper “can’t prove cause and effect” it shows an association. And he added this trend is seen elsewhere. “When you look at Portugal and other countries that have gone through austerity measures, they have found that health care provision gets worse and health care outcomes get worse,” he told The Independent. One of his co-author’s, Professor Lawrence King of the Applied Health Research Unit at Cambridge University, said it showed the damage caused by austerity

“It is now very clear that austerity does not promote growth or reduce deficits – it is bad economics, but good class politics,” he said. “This study shows it is also a public health disaster. It is not an exaggeration to call it economic murder.”

The Department of Health stressed that no such conclusion could be drawn. A spokesperson said: “As the researchers themselves note, this study cannot be used to draw any firm conclusions about the cause of excess deaths.

“The NHS is treating more people than ever before and funding is at record levels with an £8bn increase by 2020-21. We’ve also backed adult social care with £2bn investment and have 12,700 more doctors and 10,600 more nurses on our wards since May 2010.”

And independent academics added that it is hard to prove cause and effect with this kind of study even if the underlying assumptions may be correct.

Professor Martin Roland Emeritus Professor of Health Services Research, University of Cambridge said: “This study suggests that a change happened to cause deaths to stop declining around 2014. This is likely to be a correct finding. However, the link to health and social care spending is speculative as observational studies of this type can never prove cause and effect.”

Cllr Izzi Seccombe, chairman of the Local Government Association’s community wellbeing board, said: “We would urge government to review the evidence behind this analysis. If correct, it would clearly reinforce the desperate and urgent need to properly fund social care

Mr Ashworth, responding to the study, said: “This shocking mortality gap is a damning indictment of the dire impact which sustained Tory cuts to our NHS and social care services have had on health outcomes across the nation.

“Ahead of the Budget, this appalling news must serve as an urgent wake up call to the Prime Minister. She must match Labour’s pledge to deliver an extra £6 billion for our NHS across the next financial year to ensure the best possible quality of care is sustained for years to come.”

Get involved with the People’s Assembly today. 


Motorcade and Rally to Save Our #NHS  #Matlock Sat 18th November 11.30 Derbyuk #Derbyshire

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Motorcade and Rally to Save Our NHS    


Matlock Sat 18th November 11.30
Our NHS is in danger. £22 billion has been taken out of the budget in the last seven years and now Derbyshire is to lose 535 beds. This will affect surrounding districts. Who is making the decisions? Council-led Health and Wellbeing Boards play a part, Commissioning Groups decide who gets the limited money made available but never challenge it, and MPs preside over these cuts and changes.
Bolsover Hospital, Matlock Whitworth, Bakewell Newholme, Stockport/High Peak’s Shire Hill, Babington. All for the chop.
Join us on Saturday 18th November, leaving from wherever you are, in colourfully dressed up cars, or just with yourself and your banners. Arrive in the Matlock County Hall Car Park at 11.30


Rally for Our NHS

Indoor Meeting at 12.00. Speakers.
We’ll, to be joined by campaigners from all over the county, plus Sheffield, Burton and Lincoln. We are hoping ITV will be thereThen from 12.00, there will be speakers, discussion, action planning.
We must fight for Our NHS.

Health Campaigns Together #NHS Campaigners Conference Fight Back to Win November 4th London

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he People’s Assembly Against Austerity National demonstration Sunday 1 October the day the Tory Party conference opens. New TIMETABLE for 5 days of protest, rallies, public meetings, gigs, comedy and cultural events to protest, the Conservative Party Conference

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The last few months have seen enormous political shifts, a trend that looks set to continue. Theresa May and the Conservative Party have got themselves in a real mess, with a dramatically weakened Government, a divided party, and no obvious way out of the situation.
TIMETABLE for 5 days of protest, rallies, public meetings, gigs, comedy and cultural events to protest, the Conservative Party Conference
National demonstration on Sunday 1 October the day the Tory Party conference opens which tens of thousands are expected to attend.
In less than three weeks time the Conservative Party Conference will take place in Manchester. We’re organising 5 days of protest, rallies, public meetings, gigs, comedy and cultural events to coincide with it – every day they are in Manchester we will be there too putting across the alternative to austerity. The week will include a national demonstration on Sunday 1 October the day the Tory Party conference opens which tens of thousands are expected to attend.
Below is the initial timetable of events for the week of action, every day new events are added and details updated – keep checking the website for details. It looks set to be a packed week. We’re asking everyone to do what they can to get to as much of the week as possible, we hope to be able to offer accommodation for those who wish to attend the week from outside of Manchester, if you’re interested please contact Derby Coach Booking 



Sunday 1 October, 12pm Castlefield Arena / Liverpool Road, Manchester

This timetable will be updated daily with new events & details may change so please keep checking the website. If you are organising an event, or would like to, as part of the week please get in touch –
19:00 – 21:00 – Speak Out Against Austerity
Spoken word & poetry night
@ TriBeCA
12:00 – 16:30: Working for a World Without Austerity
Day school hosted by Manchester Trades Council (more details to follow)
@ Partisan Collective
14:00 – 16:00: Fighting Unemployment, Poverty and Austerity
Public Meeting: hosted by the Mary Quaile Club
Speakers: Sean Mitchell and Charlotte Hughes
@ Working Class Movement Library, 51 Crescent, Salford M5 4WX
16:00 – 18:00: Trump: Taking The World To The Brink Of War?
Public Meeting: hosted by Stop the War Coalition
Speakers: Lindsey German, Alan Gibbons, Louise Regan
@ Central Hall Manchester, Oldham Street
17:00 – 19:00: Panel Discussion hosted by Momentum (full details tbc)
@ Partisan Collective
18:00 – 19:00: Unwelcome the Tories – Flash Mob
@ Piccadilly Station
19:00 – 23:00: F**kTheTories Pre-Protest Party
@ Partisan Collective – More details
19:30 – 21:30: Saturday Night Live Event
Theatre / Show: Guests include Maxine Peake, Jolyon Rubinstein & Heydon Prowse, more tba
@ Dancehouse Theatre – Registration available soon



@ Castlefield Arena / Liverpool Road, Manchester
18:00 – 23:00: Official Demo After Party
Gig: Captain Ska & special guests
@ Manchester Academy – Tickets available soon
13:00 – 15:30: No to Fracking, No to Climate Change
Protest: Hosted by Campaign Against Climate Change
@ Outside Manchester Central Library
14:00 – 16:00: A Media For The Many Not The Few
Public Meeting: hosted by Media Reform Coalition, Morning Star & others
Speakers include Julie Hesmondhalgh, Justin Schlosberg, & more tbc
@ Unison, Arena Point
16:00 – 18:00: The Fight Against Fracking And Climate Change
Public Meeting: with Tina Rothery, Fracking Nanas, Andy Burnham (Invited)
@ Unison, Arena Point
17:00 – 18:00: Meditation Flash Mob
Hosted by Manchester Awakening
@ location to be announced on the day. For notification sign up on Facebook
17:15 – 18:45: Avoiding Apocalypse: Alternatives to a war-based foreign policy
Public Meeting: Hosted by Greater Manchester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Facebook
@Partisan Collective, 19 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester M4 4FY
19:00 – 21:00: An Economy That Works For All
Public Meeting: In conversation with John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor
Hosted by The People’s Assembly
@ Manchester Cathedral – Register your place here
14:00 – 16:00: Dispossession: The Great Housing Swindle
Film Showing: followed by Q&A
@ Friends Meeting House – Tickets available here
17:00 – 19:00: Don’t Let The Racists Divide Us
Protest: hosted by Stand Up To Racism
@ Tory Party Conference (full details tbc)
19:30 – 21:30: Ten Takes On Resistance
Theatre: 10 new specially written pieces tackling some of the big issues of our day
Hosted by Take Back Manchester Theatre Collective
@ Central Methodist Hall, Oldham Street – Tickets available here
11:00 – 13:00: End The Housing Crisis: Grenfell, Homelessness & Insecure Homes
Public Meeting @ Friends Meeting House
13:00 – 15:00: Wall Of Sound Around The Conference Centre
Protest during Theresa May’s speech – bring pots, pans, drums, whistles and megaphones!
Assemble: Outside Friends Meeting House, Mount Street
More Details of this or other activities see
The People’s Assembly Against Austerity

Defend your #NHS: Rally in support of the NHS, March 4TH 2017, featuring speeches from Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

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Published on Mar 10, 2017

Rally in support of the NHS, featuring speeches from Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

For more information visit: