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Book seats for coaches from #Derbyuk to People’s Assembly Against Austerity Take Back Manchester Festival | 30 Sep – 4 Oct 2017: Email 

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People’s Assembly Against Austerity

Take Back Manchester Festival | 30 Sep – 4 Oct 2017

Take Back Manchester Festival | 30 Sep – 4 Oct 2017

Book seats for coaches leaving Derby for Torres Out demonstration by email or text 07889274723

Planned to coincide directly with the Tory Party Conference in Manchester we will be holding 5 full days of protest, music, comedy, direct actions, meetings, events and a whole lot more…

This is will probably be the most ambitious event the People’s Assembly Against Austerity have ever undertaken. We will make sure the Tories, can’t move through Manchester without feeling the full force of opposition to their austerity policies.

Take Back Manchester Festival | 30 Sep – 4 Oct 2017

The week of action will include:
National Demonstration – Sunday 1 October 2017
Tories Out | No More Austerity | Scrap the Pay Cap
For Decent Health, Homes, Jobs & Education
Assemble: 12:00pm, Castlefield Arena, Rice Street, Manchester – March to the Conference Centre

This is the main event in the week which coincides with the opening of the Conservative Party conference. Coaches and transport is being arranged from across the country for the day.

If you can organise a group of people to travel from your organisation, workplace or community then please get in touch – we can put you in touch with people in your area and advise on best transport options.

Get Ready | Get Involved | Get Organised

The week will be packed full & we’re encouraging as many people as possible to stay for the whole week. Book time off work now – we will be arranging accommodation for people in a community centre. This will be basic but will be very cheap. Full details and booking available soon.

Other events in the week will be announced every few days so keep an eye on our website and the event on Facebook.

Please check out the Facebook page here, like it and share widely.

Also check out our transport page here.  These are the few coaches already booked and don’t forget to keep checking back as more come in… Also please send us your coach details as soon as you have them to office so we can add them to the site.

Finally – we urgently need to raise funds!

To take on this task we need to raise a huge amount of money. The more money we raise, the more venues we can book, protests and demonstrations we can organise, events can take place.

We need to raise a minimum of £70,000 but once we hit that target we won’t stop fundraising – we’ll just go bigger and bolder with the events we can plan.

Please make a donation and help make this huge!



The People’s Assembly Against Austerity
The People’s Assembly Against Austerity · United Kingdom

You can also keep up with The Derby People’s Assembly Against Austerity on Twitter or Facebook.


#DerbyUk #VoteLabour Kick the #Conservatives Out

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The Peoples Assembly: Osborne’s latest autumn statement combined ferocious new austerity measures with U-turns on a series of proposed cut

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The Peoples Assembly: Osborne’s latest autumn statement combined ferocious new austerity measures with U-turns on a series of proposed cut

Osborne’s latest autumn statement combined ferocious new austerity measures with U-turns on a series of proposed cuts, to working tax credits, to the police and to the NHS.


This combination of fierce attack combined with tactical retreat reveals the Tories’ real position – they are a weak minority but will relentlessly pursue savage cuts where they can.

The mass campaign against austerity remains in an upturn and the victory of an anti-austerity leadership of the Labour Party are elements in Tory calculations. The anti-austerity movement, including the Labour Leadership and others, remained firm in our opposition to cuts to working tax credits and forced Osborne into a U-turn for now, even if he intends to make the same cuts through the Universal Credit in coming years.

It is absolutely certain that even this U-turn would not have been made if there was a pro-austerity Labour leadership, or if there hadn’t been such big mobilisations, and public outcry, against the government since the election. The same point can be made on proposed police cuts and the health budget, where the Tories have provided just enough money to halt the sharp decline in the NHS.

But austerity is far from over. The Tories have doubled down on it, and the effect is likely to be the same. The economy will slow to a crawl, living standards will fall and the deficit will rise once more. One of the biggest areas of cuts is to local government, where spending will fall by more than half over this parliament. It is doubtful whether local councils could meet even their minimum statutory obligations with these cuts, and Osborne has put a gun to their heads by demanding asset sales to cover day-to-day spending.

The Osborne claim to be increasing investment is a straightforward lie. Under his own plans net public sector investment will fall in this parliament from 1.8% of GDP to 1.4%, from £37billion to £32 billion. This will damage the economy and deter investment more widely.

This all shows the need to redouble the efforts of the anti-austerity movement. Campaigning works, as the U-Turns show and we have strong allies in parliament. More and more people are going to be dragged down by the effects of the cuts. The task for the movement is to ally with all those fighting any aspect of austerity and to build a broad movement with clear opposition to entire austerity project.

Michael Burke, Economist & The People’s Assembly

The People’s Assembly is holding our National Conference on Saturday 5 December in London to discuss, debate and decide on the next steps for the anti-austerity movement. All welcome, please join us.

How to Stop Austerity | People’s Assembly National Conference 2015
…be part of the movement

Saturday 5 December 2015, 10am – 5pm
Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London



Speakers include:


John McDonnell MP (Shadow Chancellor), Francesca Martinez (Comedian & Activist),Dr Rory Hicks (Junior Doctors Campaign), Dr Yannis Gourtsoyannis (BMA Junior Doctors Committee), Christine Blower (National Union of Teachers), Dave Ward(Communication Workers Union), Natalie Bennett (Green Party), Steve Turner (Unite the Union & Chair, The People’s Assembly), Sam Fairbairn (National Secretary, The People’s Assembly)

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity


The Conservative Partys Paymaster: Tycoon owner of The Ivy and Annabel’s hands Tories £290,000

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Restaurateur and club owner Richard Caring is the party’s biggest backer in the last quarter
Richard Caring, pictured with Kate Moss.
Richard Caring, pictured with Kate Moss. Photograph: David M. Benett/Getty Images

He is reputedly worth more than £800m, sports a perma-tan and is a non-dom who uses tax havens. Meet Richard Caring, the Tory party’s new best friend.

The 67-year-old tycoon, who owns a string of famous London restaurants and clubs, gave the party almost £300,000 in the third quarter of this year, more than any other individual, according to figures just published by the Electoral Commission.

The huge sum represents a serious ratcheting up of Caring’s contributions to the Tories. It sees him elevated to a position normally filled by one of several multimillionaire hedge fund managers, whose sizeable donations to the party qualify them for membership of the elite “Leader’s Club” that grants them private dinners with David Cameron.

Caring’s donation of £296,000 eclipsed that of the entrepreneur David Brownlow, who gave £260,000, and of Ian Taylor, chief executive of oil trading giant Vitol, who handed over £208,500. Christopher Rokos, a hedge fund manager who keeps a very low profile and, like Cameron went to Eton and Oxford, donated £170,000.

It is the generosity of Caring, who owns The Ivy, Le Caprice and J Sheekey restaurants, which is the most intriguing. According to official donation records, the flamboyant tycoon with the equally flamboyant hair has not given the party any money for three years. In 2012 he donated just over £50,000 and in 2010 gave almost £170,000.

As back then, this year’s donations were made by providing auction prizes – including the use of his nightclub, Annabel’s – for the Tories’ Black and White ball, which raises millions for the party’s war chest. Some in Labour, reliant on donations from the unions, and which brought in only £1.6m between July and September this year, not even half the near £3.4m that flowed to the Tories, may view Caring’s support for the Tories as a squandered opportunity. In 2006 Caring lent Labour £2m in a major coup for Tony Blair’s party.

His shifting political allegiance comes as he expands his empire. The entrepreneur, who once owned the Belgo and Strada chains as well as Wentworth golf course, is rolling out the Ivy brand and that of Soho House, in which he owns a majority stake. He also reportedly has plans to develop Annabel’s – the most famous of his several London clubs and the only nightclub ever visited by the Queen.

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This Scrooge government does not care about pensioners dying of cold

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Our leaders are being told to take ‘urgent action’ to stop over-65s freezing in their homes, but it’s like banging your head against an icy wall
‘I’ve given in and turned on the central heating.’
‘I’ve given in and turned on the central heating.’ Photograph: Alamy

Rosemary and I have just had our annual competition to see who’ll be the first to put on the central heating. I won. Rosemary cracked last week when the weather was mild as spring. Her excuse was that her grandchild was visiting. Otherwise, she’d have stayed in the kitchen swaddled in woolies, clutching her hot-water bottle and boiling the odd kettle or pan of gruel. Now I’ve given in, or the new paint in the lavatory would never have dried, and Daughter visited, so I didn’t like to appear too stingy and spartan.

But we are the lucky ones. We can afford to pay an arm and a leg to be warm if we need to, unlike the quarter of a million over-65s who have died of cold over the past 10 years. One every seven minutes. Last year Age UK urged the chancellor to address this problem. Now it’s asking the government to take “urgent action”.

Why not just bang their heads against an icy wall? Charities can urge all they like; it won’t make a smidgen of difference because we have a Scrooge government that couldn’t care less. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come wouldn’t bother them. They don’t think long-term. They’ll just set a few targets to ensure that in the distant future “fuel-poor homes” reach “band-C minimum efficiency rating”. Then they’ll probably miss the targets and express regret and distress at the hundreds of frozen pensioners who have fallen off their perches, while secretly rejoicing at the massive savings this will mean, because those unproductive souls, along with the poor and sick, would have been so costly to maintain.

So what is all this about pensioners coining it while the workers lose out? How come so many are dying of cold if they’re rolling in money?

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The #Conservative Party is Privatising our #NHS: Wiltshire’s entire #NHS Children’s Services privatised to Virgin in £64 million deal

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Wiltshire’s entire NHS Children’s Services privatised to Virgin in £64 million deal

By TristanCork  |  Posted: November 17, 2015

Virgin Care, which will take over Wiltshire’s children’s health services

NHS staff working in child health services in one West county have been told they have a new boss – Richard Branson – after health chiefs unilaterally privatised their entire department in a £64 million deal.

All community child health services in Wiltshire will be privatised, with council and NHS bosses defending their decision saying it was the best way to ensure a ‘consistent’ service across the county.

But leaders representing the staff being transferred said they had real fears the move would mean a worse service for more money, which they said was what happened when taxes were paid for ‘profits and shareholders’.

Until now, all the services from Cricklade to Salisbury had been run by five different NHS organisations. The services now part of the deal include children’s specialist community nursing, health visiting and speech and language therapy

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