About: Derby People’s Assembly Against Austerity

Welcome to the Website of The Derby People’s Assembly Against Austerity.


Derby Group

Email: derbypeoplesassembly@googlegroups.com
Mobile: 07876595993

For a People’s Britain, not a Banker’s Britain.

Who we are

We are a movement fighting austerity & cuts and promoting the alternative.

We bring together the struggles over local issues, identify the common causes and link them with the national issues.

We are not another campaigning group and we don’t seek to replace any.

This site will give more information about the fights against the cuts – for a People’s Britain, not a Banker’s Britain.

See http://thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/ and our Derby group’s Facebook page for more information https://www.facebook.com/groups/143367235856170/

What we believe

We reject the idea that austerity and cuts are necessary so we choose to resist

•They are a failure because they result in neither deficit reduction nor growth.

•They are not just: the government takes money from the pockets of those who did not cause the crisis and rewards those who did

•They are immoral: we and our children face a bleaker future because our services and living standards are being devastated.

• They are undemocratic: at the last election, a majority voted against the return of a Tory government

  • Our attitude
  • We refuse to be divided by stories of ‘scroungers’, or the ‘undeserving poor’.
  • We do not blame our neighbours, whatever race or religion they may be.
  • We are not joining the race to the bottom. We focus on actions, don’t just talk.
  • We act for a better future for our generation and the next.
  • The Alternatives we embrace

• Protecting and improving our public services – no cuts!
• Common ownership for the benefit of all, not just the few!
• More and better jobs with investment in infrastructure and manufacturing.
• Decent homes for all so there is no need for bedroom tax.
• Fairness and justice – equal pay for women, decent pensions.
• No scapegoating of immigrants, the poor and the weak.
• Sustainable and secure future – invest in green technology, don’t waste billions on nuclear weapons.

What we do locally

• We support campaigns and other action taken against cuts and privatisations (for example with the NHS, Bedroom tax and the Railways).
• We build solidarity with like-minded people, community groups and organisations.
• We act as a space where we all can get support and develop ideas and new energy.

The People’s Assembly is bringing together people from all over Britain to oppose ALL government “austerity” and privatisation – and put forward the alternative.

For further information about the People’s Assembly nationally see the website: http://thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/. To find out more and get involved with the People’s Assembly in Derby, please look at our Facebook page and join our Google Group.


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