NHS Mental Health Crisis

Enough is Enough: Liverpool NHS Bosses 50% pay rise. How can this be justified when #NHS Health Workers have lost 14% in real terms pay? #NHS front line staff need to strike back, the #Conservatives are destroying our NHS

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Pay rises of up to 50% for senior NHS managers in Liverpool have been described as “scandalous” by an MP.

Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) chairman Nadim Fazlani got a £50,000 rise in 2014-15, Rosie Cooper’s Freedom of Information request found.

Replying to the West Lancashire Labour MP during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Theresa May promised an investigation into the pay hike.

Liverpool CCG said its salaries were set within NHS England guidelines.




2,000 people a month sent far from home for NHS mental health care

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Former health minister Norman Lamb attacks ‘discrimination at heart of NHS’ that in bed shortage prioritises patients with physical over mental health problems
Norman Lamb said out-of-area placements were an outrage.
Norman Lamb said out-of-area placements were an outrage. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Of these, more than 500 end up as inpatients at least 30 miles from their home area, the Health and Social Care Information Centre data shows. This is despite such moves often causing great distress and increasing the risk of suicide among patients.

Campaigners said the figures showed that those with serious mental health problems suffered “complete discrimination” by the NHS that would never be tolerated for cancer or stroke patients.

“It’s an outrage what happens,” said Norman Lamb, the ex-health minister who obtained the figures and passed them to the Observer. “We know that out-of-area placements have a link to an increased risk of suicide. This would never, ever happen with a physical health problem, such as a stroke or heart failure. Why should we accept this for someone with acute mental illness, when we wouldn’t accept it for someone with cancer? It’s complete discrimination at the heart of the NHS.”

The figures show that in April – the first month such data was collected in a plan instigated by Lamb – 2,067 people were looked after as inpatients outside the area covered by their local mental health trust. By August, the figure was 2,198. The number of people sent more than 30 miles from their home area rose from 473 in April to 501 in August, the most recent month for which the HSCIC has released data.

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The #Conservative Party is Privatising our #NHS: Wiltshire’s entire #NHS Children’s Services privatised to Virgin in £64 million deal

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Wiltshire’s entire NHS Children’s Services privatised to Virgin in £64 million deal

By TristanCork  |  Posted: November 17, 2015

Virgin Care, which will take over Wiltshire’s children’s health services

NHS staff working in child health services in one West county have been told they have a new boss – Richard Branson – after health chiefs unilaterally privatised their entire department in a £64 million deal.

All community child health services in Wiltshire will be privatised, with council and NHS bosses defending their decision saying it was the best way to ensure a ‘consistent’ service across the county.

But leaders representing the staff being transferred said they had real fears the move would mean a worse service for more money, which they said was what happened when taxes were paid for ‘profits and shareholders’.

Until now, all the services from Cricklade to Salisbury had been run by five different NHS organisations. The services now part of the deal include children’s specialist community nursing, health visiting and speech and language therapy

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News from John Lister @JohnRLister Journalist specialising in international health policy

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News from John Lister @JohnRLister Journalist specialising in international health policy

We are your Junior Doctors: 6 minutes to save the #NHS

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Published on Nov 13, 2015

Upload your photos and videos of support using #NHSselfie and #JuniorContract

Sign the petition: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petition…

This is a story about the patients and people of the NHS, and the staff that have dedicated their lives to helping others at their most scared and their most vulnerable. This campaign is far bigger than the terms and conditions of a contract – this is a campaign to defend the National Health Service itself.

http://www.medicineforthenhs.com How does the imposed junior doctor contract threaten the future of the NHS?

This is a grassroots effort striving to give a voice to 53,000 junior doctors, hundreds of thousands of NHS Staff and millions of patients across the country.

This film is the culmination of the collaborative efforts of a huge number of people who felt impassioned and driven by this cause to dedicate their time and talents for free. They cannot be thanked enough. But they are only the start. You are the next step. We need your help to fight the devastating changes to the way that healthcare can be delivered and the future of the NHS.


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The #Conservative Party have caused the crisis in #NHS Mental Health Services

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Mental health needs urgent extra funding to avert crisis, say trust chief executives

Ahead of the spending review, 10 London mental health trusts warn against raiding their budgets to plug funding shortfalls in acute hospitals

The best way to tackle the growing NHS deficit is to deliver more services in the community.
The best way to tackle the growing NHS deficit is to deliver more services in the community. Photograph: Alamy