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#Firefighters to strike for eight days over pensions row

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Firefighters to strike for eight days over pensions row

Strikes to be held 14-21 July as union says government’s proposals would see members working longer and receiving less
Firefighters to strike for eight days over pensions row

The official picket at Agecroft, Greater Manchester as firefighters strike over pensions on 23 September 2013. Photograph: Barbara Cook/Demotix/Corbis

Firefighters in England and Wales are to strike on eight consecutive days in their long-running row with the government over pensions. The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has escalated industrial action, saying that the current proposals on pensions and later retirement age are “unacceptable, unworkable and unrealistic”. Strikes will take place between 14 July and 21 July.

FBU members in Wales and England will also join the huge strike by more than a million public sector workers next Thursday. Members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) are due to join council workers, health workers and civil servants across England and Wales for a one-day stoppage on 10 July.

The FBU has been in negotiations with the government for three years in an attempt to avoid the implementation of proposals that it says would see firefighters paying more, working longer and receiving less. Matt Wrack, the general secretary, said: “The government must realise that firefighters cannot accept proposals that would have such devastating consequences for their futures, their families’ futures, and the future of the fire and rescue service itself.

“We have tried every route available to us to make the government see sense over their attacks. Three years of negotiations have come to nothing because the government is simply unwilling to compromise or even listen to reason despite a huge amount of evidence showing their planned scheme is unworkable.

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Why are #firefighters on strike?

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The Fire Brigades Union has made a short film explaining why firefighters are on strike over pensions.

A 24-hour strike — the longest yet in the three-year campaign — will take place from 9am on Thursday 12 June, with another set for 10am-5pm on Saturday 21 June.

In the clip, representatives from the union discuss how the government’s proposals on pensions would affect members if implemented.

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Crowd sourced Film: Sell-Off – The Abolition of Your #NHS

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20:05 vTrailerblaze NHS May

his film is radical. With over a dozen NHS insiders as my witnesses, I will tell the alarming story of how the health service as we know it is being quietly abolished. Almost without our noticing, it’s been replaced by a system modelled on the US in which care is delivered by profit-maximising companies that charge patients for treatment which is anyway to be restricted and reduced. One medical reporter the filmmaker knows claims that health reporting today is so poor because few journalists have real sources inside the NHS. Well, this film will have a riot of medical sources – including one professor, two consultant radiologists, a cancer expert, a public interest lawyer, and several outspoken GPs. What they all have to say will be shocking, unusual and brave. Our doctors will really strike back in this one.

I will shine a torch on what some doctors see as a glaring omission in the national psyche. I have identified a powerful group of figures within the NHS who are alarmed by the public’s lack of awareness about the abolition of their NHS. This film will follow their arguments right the way up to the Health Secretary’s relinquishing of responsibility for the nation’s health, and will argue that it must be reversed.

This film also takes you on a personal journey to a national theme that has massive implications for us all. It will reveal a hidden agenda that’s already having disastrous effects. According to one senior consultant: ‘It’s like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank’. Each of the insiders will speak to us intimately, as if we’re patients in the consulting room. It will be clear that these doctors are people simply doing their jobs by putting their patients’ interests – which are also the viewers’ interests – first. What perhaps will surprise us most is how efficiency and quality will drop. Or, perilously, how close we are to falling forever down a pitiless US-style empty well of no-bucks-no-care. Though the diagnosis remains bleak, the strength of the characters at the film’s disposal should give us surprising hope, casting flashes of light across an otherwise bleak landscape.

The style of the film is intimate, hand-held scrupulousness. Interviews will take place in discreet corners of hospitals, surgeries and streets, the images at times elevated by a powerful soundtrack, leaving the viewer with an overall admiration for the doctors’ speaking out, combined with anger at what’s happening.

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Derby People’s Assembly and Derby50K: Public Meeting The Spirit Level Why Equality is better for Everybody : Tuesday 20th May at 7.30pm

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People's Assembly Logo
The Spirit Level:
Why Equality is better for Everybody
David Price, former senior civil servant and historian of radical movements, will take us through ‘The Spirit Level’, the ground-breaking book by Professors Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, which demonstrates the damaging effects of inequality in modern Western societies.
More equal societies almost always do better.
Is Inequality the Root of All Evil?
A discussion meeting organised by
Derby People’s Assembly & DerbyFiftyThousandPeople
Tuesday 20th May at 7.30pm
Friends Meeting House
St Helens St  Derby DE1 3GY (next to Radio Derby)


Solidarity with Derbyshire firefighters taking direct action to defend pensions and services

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Derbyshire firefighters to hold further strikes over pension row

By ktyler_dt  |  Posted: April 25, 2014

Derbyshire firefighters to hold further strikes over pension row

Firefighters across Derbyshire are to take part in further strike action in a continuing row over pensions and retirement ages

 Comments (24)FIREFIGHTERS in Derbyshire will take to the picket line next week in their continuing row over pensions and retirement ages.Members of the Fire Brigades Union, or FBU, have announced they will be taking further strike action on Friday, May 2; Saturday, May 3; and Sunday, May 4.

The Government wants firefighters to work up to 60, an age the FBU says is too old for such physical work.


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