Derby Says No To Austerity – Yes To The People’s Alternative

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Next meeting of Derby People’s Assembly Preparatory Group

Monday July 8th 2013 7.00pm – “Soundbites” 11 Morledge, Derby DE1 2AW

“Brilliant”, “inspiring”, “full of life”, “strong and determined”, “a life saver” – these were just a few of the words and phrases used by people describing the huge “People’s Assembly” held in London just two weeks ago.

The Assembly opposed all aspects of the government’s austerity programme as unnecessary and destructive, and declared its support for a radical alternative economic, social and political policy as embodied in The People’s Charter to “meet the needs of the millions, rather than the greed of the millionaires”

Now people are getting together to form local People’s Assemblies in every town and city.

In the week or so since the national People’s Assembly, Derby people have, amongst other things, been organising and taking action…

  • Against NHS privatisation at Derby Royal Hospital, and for Keeping The NHS public
  • Against price rises and service cuts in the rail industry, and FOR rail development
  • Against the Bedroom Tax and evictions of council tenants, and for a vigorous council house building programme.

Now we’re organising a Derby People’s Assembly to discuss, understand, and help co-ordinate all those fighting against austerity and for a new alternative based on the common good. We invite you to come and take part.

The meeting will

  • Hear all about the national People’s Assembly
  • Take reports of the recent local anti-austerity activity in the Derby area
  • Discuss what a Derby People’s Assembly should include – topics, speakers, activities etc
  • Decide how to include the widest range of local people in the Derby Assembly.
  • …plus suggestions for discussion from you… please use the forum linked below

Join Derby People’s Assembly Group!forum/derbypeoplesasssembly to let us know you are coming on the 8th or email/phone (details below), or just turn up. You’ll be very welcome.

Come and help make history!

Derby People’s Assembly Preparatory Group hosted by Derby Area Trades Union Council: 07889 274723

It’s time to say, “That’s Enough”

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  • Job Loss
  • NHS Crisis
  • Fuel, Energy & Transport Bills
  • Crap Mcjobs
  • Bedroom Tax
  • Academy Schools
  • Pawn Shops, food banks, payday loans
  • Privatisation
  • Pay and Pensions cuts
  • Housing shortage & Evictions
  • Fat Cat Tax Evasion

The PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY is bringing together people from all over Britain to oppose ALL government “austerity” & privatisation – and put forward the alternative. To find out more, including details of transport from Derby to this huge London event on Saturday June 22nd, contact or 07889 274723.


Press release 4.6.2013

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The People’s Assembly – For a People’s Britain, Not A Bankers’ Britain

Following the very successful visit to Derby by radical journalist and author Owen Jones, a group of 25 individuals and representatives of local organisations gathered this evening in Derby City’s Council House to make preparations for the “People’s Assembly” to be held in London on June 22nd, and to consider how it might be followed up in Derby.

Owen Jones was one of the 50 signatories to a letter to the Guardian, as was local campaigner Bill Greenshields, which called for a People’s Assembly, “to demonstrate clearly that there is no need for ANY public spending cuts or growing unemployment.” The Assembly organisers maintain that there is a radical alternative economic, social and political policy, based on wealth redistribution, directed investment, progressive taxation and common ownership of industry and the banking system, “designed to meet the needs of millions, not the greed of millionaires.”

The Assembly also “aims to play a key role in ensuring that this uncaring government faces a sustained movement of opposition.”

The People’s Assembly will be held in Central Hall Westminster on June 22nd. “The full capacity of Central Hall is about 2,500 people, but we already have people 3,500 registered – and so we are arranging for extra rooms and marquees so that everyone can be involved,” explained Bill Greenshields. “We have a very wide range of community organisations involved and sending representatives, as well as the Trades Unions and campaign organisations concerned with the wellbeing of ordinary people and the most vulnerable in our society.”

The aim is to follow the London meeting with the establishment of local People’s Assemblies in every town and city in Britain.

“We are off to a good start in Derby,” said Mr Greenshields. “The local Trades Union Council is fully in support, and our preparatory meeting saw representatives from organisations concerned with the environment, the NHS, tax justice, social housing and the “bedroom tax”, the People’s Charter, opposing the privatisation of schools, the rail industry, disability issues, unemployed people and claimants… together with unions such as UNISON, PCS, NUT and RMT. We look forward to broadening out still further until we can have a truly representative People’s Assembly in Derby.”

The group plan to publicise the June 22nd event by distributing a range of leaflets during the next couple of weeks, identifying key issues in Derby and showing how they link with the People’s Assembly, and the People’s Charter.

One leaflet, “It’s time to say, ‘That’s Enough” introduces a range of issues from the perspective of all aspects of ordinary people’s lives being “under attack” from the government. Another, “Standing Up For The NHS” (also attached) will be distributed to Derby Royal Hospital staff, patients and visitors. Other similar leaflets are prepared – one dealing with the bedroom tax, and the other with rail transport.


More information
Bill Greenshields
4 Cherry Tree Court
Ashbourne DE6 1DQ


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Welcome to the site of The People’s Assembly Against Austerity in Derby.

This site will give more information about our fight against the cuts – for a People’s Britain, not a Banker’s Britain.

See and our Derby group’s Facebook page for more information