SUPPORT TEACHERS DEFEND EDUCATION. A message to students and parents

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Derby People's Assembly
Derby People’s Assembly


Teachers are taking action because the Government wants to dismantle the national pay system for teachers and introduce a longer school day and year.

The Government is also making adverse changes to teachers’ pensions by making teachers work longer, pay more in contributions and get less pension when they retire.

These changes would not only harm teachers. They also threaten the continued delivery of high quality education for all pupils. Teachers unions have tried to negotiate with the government, but now feel they have no choice but to strike to try and make the government listen to their concerns.

Cuts have meant teachers’ jobs have been lost, and government changes allow schools to employ unqualified people to teach children. Changes to the curriculum have led to thousands of art, music, drama, RE and ICT teachers losing their jobs, reducing the opportunities for pupils to study these subjects. Cuts have also made it more difficult for pupils with disabilities or special educational needs (SEN) to access support.

Teachers’ pay and conditions are part of the rights of children and young people to high standards of education. Reducing these devalues teaching as a skilled profession, and will mean a general reduction in the quality of public education. Surveys show that half of teachers are seriously considering quitting the teaching profession due to changes to pay, pensions, working conditions and jobs.

The People’s Assembly against Austerity is a coalition of organisations, groups and individuals who have come together to fight the cuts and privatisation and campaign for social justice.

We aim to develop a strategy for resistance to mobilise millions of people against the Con Dem government.

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Derby Peoples Assembly October 26th Workshops and Discussion


Letter to Derby Telegraph re: Austerity and Derby People’s Assembly

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Letter to Derby Telegraph re: Austerity and Derby People’s Assembly

From: Moz Greenshields, Secretary Derby Area Trades Union Council, on behalf of Derby People’s Assembly (and 26 others)

Address c/o UNISON OFFICE Middleton House, 27 St. Marys Gate Derby DE1 3NN

Dear Editor,

We call for a Derby People’s Assembly.

Despite government spin about “economic recovery”, things are getting worse for ordinary people. We’re told we must earn less, and work longer to get lower pensions. More and more jobs are part-time, casual, “here today, gone tomorrow”, on “zero hours contracts”, minimum wage and with rip off pay roll companies. Whistleblowers are gagged, and trade unionists blacklisted.

More and more people depend on food banks and payday loansharks. Vulnerable people are subject to benefit cuts, and closures of valued homes and day centres. Council tenants are taxed if they have a bedroom for visiting relatives and friends.

Meanwhile, the wealthiest people get richer still, through increased profits, top executive pay rises, bonuses and share options. Big business avoids and evades tax as a matter of course. That’s “Austerity Britain”.

The NHS, schools and all public services – are threatened with privatisation for profit. Council services are cut to pieces. The civil service cannot meet demand because of huge staff cuts.

“Austerity” is ruining Britain. It’s not “reducing the deficit”. It’s simply taking wealth from ordinary people, and giving it to the very rich. That is its real purpose – and, in that, it works well.

All round Britain people are rejecting “austerity”, and planning a different future to meet millions of people’s needs, not the millionaires’ greed. The wealth gap must be drastically reduced. Britain should direct its resources towards decent jobs and training, investment in infrastructure and public services, caring for those in need, developing industry to meet our needs, providing high quality public transport and housing, “green” sustainable development… and building a fair society for future generations.

These were the objectives of the huge national People’s Assembly in June. Now there are 65 People’s Assembly groups around Britain. Our purpose is simple – to show that there is no need for ANY cuts or unemployment, to promote alternative policies, and to stop the government austerity programme.

The first Derby People’s Assembly will be on Saturday October 26th at the Central United Reformed Church, Becketwell Lane. There will be speakers with new exciting economic and social policies, discussion groups, and information and advice stalls. Find out more at

We have had more than enough of the unfair, unjust and unnecessary austerity program. It must be stopped. Come and join us.

october 26th leaflet front (2)

october 26th leaflet back (2)


Derby Trades Union Council Moz Greenshields

And, alphabetically

Derby Action for Rail Peter Robinson

Derby ASLEF train drivers’ union Andy Botham, Executive

Derby Assoc. of Indian Women Joginder Bains, Sec

Derby Cathedral Justice, Peace & Integrity of

           Creation Committee Donald MacDonald

Derby Climate Coalition Shirley Wessel  (pc)

Derby Community Strength Jim Kirkham, Coordinator

Derby Communist Party Bill Greenshields, Secretary

Derby CWU Post Office Union Chris Sheldon, Secretary

Midlands CWU Post Office Union Lee Barron, Secretary

Derby GMB community union Richard Morgan, Sec

Derbyshire Green Party Jean MacDonald

Green Door Print Studio Anna & Pandora Johnson

Homeless In Derby Abbe Keating, Co-ordinator

Derby Indian Workers Assoc.  Shang Gahonia, Secretary

Musicians’ Union Stephen Brown Midlands Region Organiser

Derby National Union of Teachers Sue Arguile, Secretary

Associate & Retired Members Midlands PCS Brian Herbertson

Derby People’s Charter Nirmal Pheasant

Derby RMT Rail Union Paul Walker National Executive Council

Derby SOS NHS Gwen Schaffer

Southern Derbyshire Health UNISON Jo Sherman, Secretary

Soundbites Ruth Strange

UCATT Midlands Region building union Cheryl Pidgeon, Sec

Derby City UNISON Local Govt. union Nicole Berrisford, Sec

Derby Unite Against Fascism Martin Sear, Secretary

Chesterfield Trades Union Council Colin Hampton

Derby People’s Assembly 26th October

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Contact The Derby Peoples Assembly if you want to help.
To find out more and get involved with the People’s Assembly in Derby,
please look at our Facebook page and join our Google Group.

The Mass Sleep Out 2

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The Mass Sleep Out 2
The Mass Sleep Out 2

The Second DERBY Mass Sleep Out Event takes place on

Friday Evening 20 September at 19:00 until 21 September at 09:00

Whilst the highest earners in the country are awarded tax breaks and big business invariably gets away with not paying it’s fair share – or in some cases paying no tax at all – the ConDem coalition is targeting some of the most vulnerable in society to pay for the financial crisis. Many of these people are now facing eviction proceedings as they are simply unable to meet the financial demands being made of them. This cannot be allowed to continue – now is the time to show your disapproval!

The National Mass Sleep Out Website is here

Here is how the Derby Telegraph reported the first Derby Mass Sleep Out Event

As written about in the Daily Mirror

Here is a link to an article by Amelia Gentleman in the Guardian last Wednesday 11th September

‘Shocking’ bedroom tax should be axed, says UN investigator

Housing expert Raquel Rolnik says policy could constitute a violation of the human right to adequate housing

The United Nations’ special investigator on housing has told the British government it should scrap the bedroom tax, after hearing “shocking” accounts of how the policy was affecting vulnerable citizens during a visit to the UK. Read full article here

Contact The Derby Peoples Assembly if you want to help.To find out more and get involved please look at our Facebook page and join our Google Group.

Press release: Save our Royal Mail

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A good day for bankers – a bad day for customer

Government plans spell end of the universal postal service

Responding to the announcement that the Government intends to push ahead with the privatisation of Royal Mail, Mario Dunn, Campaign Director, Save Our Royal Mail said:

“This is a good day for city bankers and share dealers but a bad day for Royal Mail’s customers. People in rural areas, small businesses and the elderly are all particularly vulnerable to what will be the inevitable price rises and rural service reductions.

“Privatising Royal Mail fires the starting gun on the race to end the universal postal service as we know it. A privately owned Royal Mail will not want to maintain loss making rural deliveries. The 2011 Postal Services Act allows it to opt out delivering loss making services.

“With price caps removed the consumer protections in place are extremely flimsy. It will not be long before we begin to see the worst excesses we have come to associate with other sectors such as banking”.

Latest polling shows that 70% of the British public oppose the sale of Royal Mail. The Government should listen to the public and halt this unnecessary privatisation.”

Visit The Save our Royal Mail Website

National Demonstration at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester
No Cuts, No to Austerity, Save Our NHS.


People’s Assembly anti poverty protest

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People’s Assembly members in a dozen towns and cities across Britain took part in coordinated anti poverty protests on Saturday 7th September, targeting the premises of payday loanshark companies.  Derby People’s Assembly supporters descended on “The Money Shop” in the City Centre on  Saturday 7th September to draw attention to the widening of the wealth gap, the growth of poverty and the desperate plight of many individuals and families in David Cameron’s “austerity Britain”, illustrated by the growth of payday loanshark companies, “who make huge profits out of people’s poverty and debt misery”.


Derby People’s Assembly organiser Sam Brown took to the microphone to explain that Government austerity measures are all about taking from the poorest sections of society to give to the very rich… and that poverty, foodbanks and payday loansharks are the result. He said, “The economic crisis that the bankers and big business super-rich created cannot be resolved by cuts to services, benefits and living standards of ordinary working people. We need to empower those people to take control of their own lives and create a People’s Britain Not a Bankers’ Britain. That’s what the People’s Assembly is all about”


National Demonstration at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester
No Cuts, No to Austerity, Save Our NHS.

Protesters distributed leaflets, collected details from people who wanted to know more, and signed people up for coaches to take them to an anti-austerity demonstration at the Conservative Party Conference on September 29th.

Contact The Derby Peoples Assembly if you want to help.

To find out more and get involved with the People’s Assembly in Derby,please look at our Facebook page and join our Google Group.

No Cuts! No Austerity! Defend our NHS

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National Demonstration at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester
No Cuts, No to Austerity, Save Our NHS.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity is mobilising for the demonstration called by the North West TUC, and backed by unions and NHS campaign groups.

The protest will highlight the impact of huge job losses and spending cuts across the health service, as well as the rapid sell-off of the most lucrative parts of the NHS to private healthcare companies – many of whom like Circle are also Conservative Party donors.

The event will also raise concerns about the wider effect that government economic policies are having upon communities across the UK.

Transport from Derby

For details about coaches contact 07929 043415