It is now less than 2 weeks to go for the convoy… There are now limited places left on the ferry, please book asap to avoid disappointment.

It is now less than 2 weeks to go for the convoy… There are now limited places left on the ferry, please book asap to avoid disappointment.

You can register here

If you’ve already registered we’ll see you at Whitehall at 8:30am. Remember we will be leavingpromptly at 9:30am and we will need to get you there well in advance to line everybody up.

This is the place to make a huge political statement about the refugee crisis and show that the public rejects the government’s racist narrative.  We want to make sure that the political message, ‘Refugees Welcome Here’ is felt right at the heart of the political establishment. That’s why assembling on Whitehall’s so important. That’s why we discourage you to go straight to Dover. If you can’t come all the way to Calais but do want to be part of that political statement let us know.

If you are unable to be part of the political protest in London and are intending on only bringing aid, please let is know asap on the email. We must know how many vehicles will be joining us at Whitehall.


THIS SATURDAY: We’ll holding a ‘Donation Drop Off Day’ in London’s Kings Cross.   

Saturday 11th (11am – 4pm) 

Access Self Storage

Belgrove House
Belgrove St

Bring your aid and donations here and also while you’re there, please volunteer to help sort aid and leaflet Kings Cross.

Donations are going great but with approaching 200 vehicles already registered, and a huge Lorry coming with us, there is still some space… so please keep all the aid coming! To facilitate the distribution of aid in Calais we need to concentrate the aid into as few vehicles as possible. Long cues of small cars with small amounts of aid will be logistically very difficult to deal with over in France. *Note for security reasons we will not be publishing the addresses of the depots in Calais – so you will have to contact us asap if you’re can’t make an agreed UK drop off point.*

To help us do this please bring as much aid as possible to one of the drop off points near you in advance of the Convoy.

Drop Off Points can be found HERE.

Also we will be transferring aid from cars into the Lorry at Whitehall. Another important reason to make it. You could also bring your aid on Friday 17th at the Friday night rally in central London at the Emanuell Centre too! (This will be 6:30pm registration details coming soon.)

Please note, no aid can be delivered directly to the camp, this is on the advice of all the major aid agencies on the ground.
Aid distribution has to be carefully managed by professionals without exception.

Lastly please volunteer to be part of the stewarding team in the 18th.

We will need those of you without prior arrangements to get involved from early on the day, help transfer aid to appropriate vehicles and help with directions at Whitehall and in Calais. You will be briefed in advance. People with experience in the Calais welcome but not essential. Please to register your interest.

See you in London for the Convoy to Calais. 

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity