Derby Peoples Assembly NEWSLETTER August 2015

Hello friends,

May we start our August newsletter with a request?

We are trying to find out how many anti-austerity action groups or groups linked to austerity are out there who would like to join us. Such groups would keep their own identity but would send a representative to the Derby People’s Assembly.  The idea is mutual support and avoidance of action events on the same days.
If you know of any, could you please email Chris Dodd our secretary at or just talk to any of us

How have we been active lately?

We had a busy July organising ourselves as well as thinking about how to reach reaching more people and groups who are affected and care about the austerity program.

The recent government announcement of a further £12 billion of welfare cuts and the lack of political will from any major party to represent the interest of working people, once again makes is obvious that there is no point is waiting for a saviour.  We must choose to get informed and involved ourselves even if we only have little time to give.


Action wise we were busy with many activities to promote, join or support: the celebration of the birthday of the NHS July 3rd outside Derby Royal, the Anti austerity day of action on July 8th budget day, linking up with the Trades council to consider how to make the historic and traditional Silk Mill day a larger, more relevant People’s affair and the Anti TTIP events across town.

Of course we shouldn’t forget the benefit gig at The Hairy Dog, and congratulations to Bob & Stan for organising the event and Dick for performing!  More promised further events – also hoping for improved numbers so come on you (apparently) musical British nation!

some photos here of the various events for colour and visuals eg

July Demonstration Against Tory Austerity Budget 

DSC_6647 (2)

The DPA Anti Austerity Budget Day demonstration in Derby had been a success with hundreds of leaflets distributed, and a very positive response from the public though no publicity in the local print and broadcast media

Anti TTIP event July 24th Derby

DSC_6662 (2)

 History should be written by humanity, not corporations

Some upcoming events

Action For Rail have an event August 18th 7.30am-8.45 Derby Rail Station. Petitioning and leafleting to coincide with the announcement of train ticket price rises.  Please join if you can!


Derby People’s Assembly – Day of Activity – provisional date November 14th.  Lots of ideas which include possible morning conference, a collective lunch, an afternoon demonstration, an evening social.  Put the date in your diary!


TORY PARTY CONFERENCE ACTION – National People’s Assembly. Four days of Anti Austerity action right across Manchester to coincide with the Tory Party Conference including a demonstration initiated by People’s assembly and supported by TUC.

We hope to put on coaches for the demonstration on October 4th.

Have a great summer – see you soon!


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