People’s Assembly: Our Aims

Artists’ Assembly Against Austerity: Artists must fight back against cuts:

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The Guardian, Wednesday 27 August 2014

Thousands march in London against cuts
A protest in London on 21 June 2014 organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity to demand an end to cuts and privatisation in the NHS. Photograph: Paul Davey/Demotix/Corbis

We, the newly formed Artists’ Assembly Against Austerity, are calling on writers, musicians, performers – anyone involved in the creative arts – to mobilise against cuts in public and voluntary services introduced by the coalition government.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity was formed in 2013 to ensure that the coalition government faces a movement of opposition broad enough and powerful enough to generate successful coordinated action against its violent programme of cuts. In June, 50,000 people marched through London to show their support for this growing movement.

We now recognise a need to initiate an Artists’ Assembly Against Austerity to organise artists across all media, writers, musicians, performers, broadcasters, technicians, administrators, audiences and allies under our shared aim to end the cuts and protect public services. As we see it, artists have as much to lose as many other groups as a result of a dwindling public sector; the Artists’ Assembly will provide a space in which we can mobilise to effect real change.

Our demands centre on four key issues: keep healthcare free at the point of need and resist privatisation; ensure equal access to arts education by scrapping student fees and ending cuts to creative subjects in schools and universities; provide affordable homes and studios by capping rents; and invest in the arts, which generate a significant cash benefit to the taxpayer. This means no more cuts to the cultural and heritage sectors and reinstatement of arts funding to pre-2010 levels, appropriately adjusted for inflation.

To register your support and to help build the movement, please sign the petition at
Maxine Peake
Peter Kennard
Blake Morrison
Franko B
China Miéville
Grace Petrie
Sara Ahmed
Katherine Araniello

The People’s Assembly: Our aims

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Our aims

The People’s Assembly national conference on 15 March 2014 unanimously voted to endorse and adopt the following aims put forward by the People’s Charter:

  1. A fairer economy for a fairer Britain
  2. More and better jobs
  3. High standard homes for all
  4. Protect and improve public services
  5. For fairness and justice
  6. For a secure and sustainable future

What each of these aims means is set out in more detail at