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Dear friends,

Welcome toDerby People’s Assembly summer newsletter

How about starting with these events for your diary?

The Not One Day More demonstration in London, 1st July (the photograph at the top of this email is from the rally) showed how success is built with the involvement of ordinary people, with raising our expectations towards politicians and their masters, speaking out and having on-going events to reach more people.  Please join in and help us do more and better

NHS campaign against cuts to local services
East Staffs Trades council & KONP – Burton  5th August bed push

Derbyshire LGBT & Pride 2017 – 9th September 2017 

Facilitating joint working – A Better World is Possible  
Saturday 16 September 2017, 10.30am-4.00pm, Derby Friends Meeting House, 56 St Helen’s St, Derby DE1 3HY      Further details on the Derby People’s Diary, here:

1st October Tory party conference Manchester
The People’s Assembly aim has always been to stop any government from imposing austerity or to see it replaced.  In this spirit we are now building for this event
Share and book a coach seat with Moz – – 07889 274723

With calendar summer here (not necessarily weather wise) we, at the People’s Assembly are still planning and organising and you can see this means a lot of actions, not just talking – so join in!

Positive progress in attitudes
There has been a noted change in people’s understanding of what austerity is.  It is no longer assumed as necessary or beneficial but more of a political choice.  Many events, including some tragic ones have sharpened our focus on what is really going on.

There has been a significant drop in living standards, cutting corners, dismantling some public services and cheapening others, nationalising debt and privatising wealth.  This has proved unsafe and unsustainable.

Austerity made some rich people and big business even richer and more powerful.  But we are aware, more alert and more convinced that this cannot go on and that human lives and futures matter.

Yes, we like to take responsibility for our lives but we also openly challenge those who claim that the resultant poverty is due to our lack of good budget management skills.

An alternative future – In Place of Austerity
Our futures cannot be assured by placing trust on and giving up power to political and economic structures that systematically chip away at our income, local services, rights and powers whilst handing it to big business for profit.


The People’s Assembly ‘In Place of Austerity’ program is being updated and a pamphlet is being produced.  For now click here for realistic alternatives to help bring back more control over our lives and enhance democracy and meaningful participation


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