Why is #RCN accepting #ScrapTheCap sponsor who voted to KEEP cap?

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Source: Why is #RCN accepting #ScrapTheCap sponsor who voted to KEEP cap?

There’s a problem with this set-up: Maria Caulfield, the sponsoring MP, voted againstscrapping the 1% pay cap this month, as this excerpt from the list of MPs who did so shows:

caulfield cap vote.jpg

Ms Caulfield used to be a nurse, so voting for the impoverishment of her former colleagues is particularly dire – and it’s hard to comprehend why the RCN would accept her sponsorship when she has just rejected an opportunity to do exactly what the theme of the event is about.

Labour MP Grahame Morris is Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary and one of the best people you could meet. He’s also a long-standing NHS campaigner, one of the most pleasant people in Parliament – and one of the last you’d expect to point fingers, but he was outraged at the collaboration of the RCN with an MP that just made its members poorer:

gm rcn caul

His anger clearly hadn’t lessened at all when he told the SKWAWKBOX:


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