The #Conservatives are deliberately destroying your #NHS: Sunday Mirror “National hell service: Landmark nurses survey gives damning verdict on understaffed, underpaid, overworked NHS”

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‘Let’s Save the NHS’ rally in London (Photo: PA)

Thousands of NHS nurses say they no longer have time to look after patients safely.

the Sunday Mirror in an exclusive survey polled 3,000 stressed-out and overworked lifesavers.

 81 per cent said patients are receiving a worse standard of care in the NHS now than five years ago.

Nearly half of nurses have seen patients suffer needlessly due to brutal Tory cuts.

More than half say they are looking to quit the NHS – creating a staffing timebomb at a time when there are already more than 20,000 vacancies.

More Terrible results from the poll, carried out with the Nursing Standard magazine, show:

  • 53 per cent of nurses say they have ­witnessed services being rationed that were freely available five years ago
  • 45 per cent of nurses say they ­“sometimes” have time to deliver safe ­patient care, four per cent say they “never” have time, 42 per cent do “most of the time” and only eight per cent “always” do
  • 83 per cent of nurses feel there aren’t enough staff to provide safe levels of care
  • 56 per cent feel under pressure to save money in the way they work every day



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