#Conservative #NHS Privatiser Hunt says #NHS needs 5000 more GPs and 5000 other Clinicians, the GP says “And where are you getting them from Mr Hunt? Because it takes 12 years to train a General Practitioner.

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“It is inconceivable that the 7 day roll out that is being proposed is viable. It’s just not common sense.” NHS Doctor

“That’s why I said we need 5000 more GPs.” – Conservatives Jeremy Hunt

“Actually you said clinicians – can you tell us actually, are those clinicians going to be doctors?” – NHS Doctor

“No, I said 10,000 extra clinicians, including 5000 extra GPs” – Jeremy Hunt

“And where are you getting them from Mr Hunt? Because it takes 12 years to train a General Practitioner. You are driving us all out of the country – on the day you announced your deal, many, many, many Doctors handed in their resignation, do you know that?” – NHS Doctor

At a time when the National Health Service has run into a record deficit, its staff have faced enforced contracts, and the Red Cross describe it as being in a state of “humanitarian crisis”, Jeremy Hunt is palming off the blame for NHS underfunding on health tourism, and seeking solutions to this massively overblown ‘problem’ in the USA.

Things are about to get much, much worse.

We need to defend our National Inheritance, which our ancestors fought so hard to build and give to us, and which stands as a living testimony to their sacrifice for this country. We cannot let this happen. We will not let this happen.

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