#Derbyuk : The #Conservative Party are breaking the back of our #NHS: The NHS Derbyshire partnership is proposing to cut 535 hospital beds over the next 5 years.

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The Conservative Party are breaking the back of our NHS:

The NHS Derbyshire partnership is proposing to cut 535 hospital beds over the next 5 years.


On Friday the ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’ (STPs) for reorganising the NHS in Derbyshire were released. We were told that it was not possible to publish this before the NHS had approved it, but, because of pressure from campaigners like us, the councils published it anyway. See http://www.southernderbyshireccg.nhs.uk/publications/joinedupcarederbyshire/

So far, 20 0f the 44 plans have been published but NONE of the NHS consortia have published their detailed financial, activity and workforce plans, which they have submitted to NHS England.

The bald fact is that the Derbyshire partnership is proposing to cut 535 hospital beds over the next 5 years. This is despite the fact that it is generally expected that, with our ageing and increasing population there is going to be a greater need for hospital beds. This cut is being justified on the basis that increased funding in some of the peripheral sectors will prevent patients from going into hospitals. While it is good to see more funding in these areas this won’t restore the savage cuts that have already taken place in outlying community and patient support services.

Massive cuts in hospital beds over past 25 years means longer waits, more privatisation and further break up of our NHS. Now the Conservatives are forcing through more cuts and calling this’ Sustainability and Transformation Plans’ (STPs)

The other thing that comes out of the report is the reduction of funds available to Derbyshire. The government is talking about a cut of 22 billion pounds nationally, and Derbyshire to be cut by £265 million. This is just unacceptable. The attack upon the NHS is relentless, no doubt driven by an ideology which want to fragment and sell off the NHS. The percentage of Government spending on healthcare in 2015-16 was 6.6%.It used to be close to 10%. We are now spending about the same proportion of the GDP as Slovenia and Iceland and behind Greece and Belgium.

Somehow we have communicate what is happening to the general public, and to persuade the members of Derby City and the Derbyshire councils to make a stand. Hence we are part of the network that is organising!
A Vigil of Derby City Council
5.30 pm Wednesday November 23rd;
Derby Council House
Don’t let the Council rubber stamp the proposals. Make sure that there is no reduction of quality.
We are handing out leaflets, holding placards and asking people to take away the 38 Degrees petition.
One of our supporters is putting a question about STPs to the council; join us in the public gallery from 6:00 pm onwards.

A Discussion around the Derbyshire Health Plan
6 pm, Thursday December 1st
Friends Meeting House, St Helens Street.
Derby DE1 3GY (next to Radio Derby)
Time to be confirmed.
Campaigners from all over Derbyshire will be looking at the newly released plans, including the proposed cuts, and developing our responses and strategy.

Gary Thomson and Ifti Majid, senior NHS managers, will be there to answer questions.


Peoples Assembly Public meeting
Defend our NHS and our Kids’ Schools
10.45 am to 12.45 pm Sat. December 10th.
at the United Reformed Church, Becketwell Street, Derby, DE1 1JW
Speakers include:
Steve Sweeney
GMB Campaign for the NHS
We will hear FIRST HAND from Derby health & education activists what’s going on in our hospitals & schools. Tea and coffee available.

For more information on STP’s read the article from patients4NHS here