Join the movement I, Daniel Blake Day (15) #Derbyuk Quad Thursday 17 November 2016

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I, Daniel Blake (15) Derby Quad Thursday 17 November 2016

Ken Loach’s fierce, emphatic drama is purportedly his last film.

I, Daniel Blake, a fifty-something man living in Newcastle who, after suffering a heart attack, seeks to claim state benefits. However, after a ‘healthcare professional’ appointed by the Department for Work and Pensions interviews him over the phone for ten minutes, it’s decided that he’s ineligible. Meanwhile he befriends Katie (Hayley Squires) – a single mother to two children, and new to Newcastle – who’s also suffering on the bread line.

Overwhelmingly moving, the film is a stark reminder of the profound injustices of life in contemporary Britain and the brutal inhumanity of the system, making it painfully clear that issues so often invoked theoretically in the media in fact result in real human suffering, which exists in plain sight.

Winner of the Cannes Palme D’Or 2016