The European Union and Austerity – In or Out? Derby Council Chamber, June 9th 7pm

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The European Union and Austerity – In or Out?

Derby Council Chamber, June 9th 7pm

The battle of ideas around the European Union referendum is hotting up. Often it is trivialised, or presented as either boring or impenetrably difficult to understand.

It is none of those things. It is of great importance for the immediate and long term future. And it is understandable when the issues are considered in the light of the realities of our people’s everyday lives… the struggle to find a decent job, to earn enough to live properly, to look forward to a pension, to be able to have access to free high quality education and health care, to know that a safety net of benefits exists in case of life’s problems, to have the right to organise ourselves collectively to win a better life for ourselves and future generations.

So our debate is to focus strictly on “The European Union and Austerity” from the point not of Big Business and Bankers, but from the point of view of ordinary working class people.

Does the EU protect us from austerity and provide legal and social security and progress for us? Or does it spearhead the privatisation and austerity cuts agenda on public services, jobs and pay?

Can it be improved or reformed from within by progressive people, or is it owned lock, stock and two smoking barrels by a tiny powerful elite?

Is it an internationalist organisation of the peoples of Europe, or is a political structure based on class exploitation and economic & political oppression?

Answers to these and other questions my just allow us to master the mysteries of the EU, and to vote without the misdirection and misinformation of the majority of the media, without the lies and distortions of the political Right, and without the childish trivialisation of gossipers and chatterers.

We have two much respected members of the working class, labour, trade union and progressive movement to present the two sides

FOR the EU – voting to “Remain”

Chris Williamson

Former Derby North MP

AGAINST the EU – voting to “Leave”

Alex Gordon,

Ex-President of the RMT Rail and Transport Union & President LEXIT (“Exit Left Campaign)