The #Conservative Party is dismantling and Privatising our #NHS: No Logo – Why the cover up?

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No Logo – Why the cover up?


NHS sell-off

• Private for-profit companies are being awarded billions of pounds worth of contracts to run NHS services.

• The Government is breaking-up and selling off our NHS contract by contract. Experts estimate that over 70% of tenders for NHS services are being awarded to for-profit companies.

• No politician ever asked for our permission to dismantle our NHS.

NHS logo abused

• To make matters worse many for-profit companies are “passing off” their services as NHS.

• Many for-profit contractors use the NHS logo and don’t openly present the fact that they are private companies.

• Many of the buildings from which for-profit companies operate display only the NHS logo. We believe that this is intentionally misleading.

Virgin Care are misleading people across the UK

• NHS services across the UK are run by for-profit company Virgin Care

• Only the NHS logo is used outside the building where services are delivered.

What we demand

• That our MPs publicly demand that the Government amend NHS guidelines to make it clear those for-profit companies are not allowed to use the NHS logo.

• That our MPs support calls for private companies which refuse to stop using our NHS logo, have their contracts terminated.

• That Virgin Care stops “passing off” their services as NHS.

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