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An interview with, Dr Bob Gill NHS GP of 22 years @drbobgill

Image via @NHAParty

Image via @NHAParty

By Victoria Egerton @VictoriaEgerto2

“The NHS is being transformed into an American style, private insurance dominated system”.Profit extraction is dismantling cost effective healthcare.

In 1968 Arthur Seldon (later Thatcher’s privatisation policy adviser) in his document ‘After the NHS’, said that to improve the NHS, we need to abolish it and provide profit opportunities in health insurance. In 1988, there were similar suggestions made by Conservative MPs Oliver Letwin and John Redwood.

But, admitting NHS privatisation on any agenda is electoral, democratic and therefore political suicide. As a result, over the past 30 years, the government has embarked on a covert and gradual operation, distracting the public from the reality of privatisation.

The legal duty for the Secretary of State to provide healthcare has been abolished. Every step consecutive governments have taken was intended to dismantle your NHS and leave you so dissatisfied that you turn to private insurance.

“An American style healthcare system”

Simon Stevens is an ex-executive at UnitedHealth, a global American health insurance company. Ironically, Stevens is now the kingpin at NHS England, bringing with him his ‘Five Year Forward plan’.

This is a coded document, stating the changes required to deliver NHS corporate interests by, amongst others, reducing NHS beds by 17,000, 34 hospital closures and cutting the wage bill.

Hunt aims to increase profitability and destroy public trust and confidence in the NHS, driving people towards private heath insurance.

“Politicians took their time, 30 years on average. They made it complicated… created a plausible cover narrative”

No politician will admit that privatisation is on the agenda. A cover up story was created.We were told that the private sector is used to temporarily help out the NHS, to cut waiting lists. In reality, it is mainstream, covert corruption. Many parliamentarians (over 200) will benefit financially from privatisation and the public are preoccupied with their own life, distracted by trivia. But, it is the patients that will lose out.

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