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 Happy New Year.

We hope you energise and strengthen yourselves to continue the fight and when humanity and charity are raised as a discussion, remind people that Christ was a refugee from the Middle East.

Back to actions and events.

Railway Day of Action on 4 January 2016

On Saturday 2 January, regulated fares such as season and anytime tickets are going up again. Over the last five years, fares have risen nearly three times faster than average wages. Although the government has pledged to cap the fare rise to inflation, rail fares are still going up by one per cent, and they’ve gone up by 25 per cent since 2010. We have the highest commuter fares in Europe, yet our trains are often overcrowded, late and understaffed.

The TUC through Action for Rail and coalition partners are organising a Day of Action onMonday 4 January 2016, when people return to work after the New Year. The day will focus on fares and public ownership. We will be leafleting  Derby Railway Station from 7.30  until 9.00 am, Belper 8:00 am  onwards and Burton from 3.45-5.30 pm.

Sports Direct

The above photo is from a protest outside the main Sports Direct’s warehouse in Shirebrook where working conditions have been likened to a Victorian ‘workhouse’.  as many as 3,000 workers are eking out a living in such conditions through two employment agencies – Best Connection and Transline. Under the ‘six strikes and you’re out of a job’ rule, agency workers can get ‘strikes’ for taking too long in the toilet, talking too much or even having time off for sickness.
Workers in the local Sports Direct stores are ,in the main employed on   zero hours contracts.

The Unite union  has launched an  online petition calling for an end to ‘Draconian’ working practices  and an end to Sports Direct’s reliance on zero hours contracts.

Derby Unite Community branch, in partnership with the Peoples Assembly, is organising leafleting and petitioning outside the sports direct shop on St Peters Street on Saturday December the 9th, 11:00 am to 12 noon. We are rather hoping that John McDonnell will have his photo taken with us, see below.

The People’s Chancellor speaks on An Economy for All the People

John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor is coming to  St Peters Church, City centre, Derby onSaturday 9 January.

The event will start at 12:00 and run until 2.30pm.  There will be three discussion groups looking at:

  • austerity & poverty
  • climate change
  • NHS.

Booking is essential and now only reserve places available: email,

The birth of Derby College student assembly

George Hind, co-founder of the Derby College Student Assembly Against Austerity, reports on the newly established anti-austerity movement at Derby College:

“As a group of friends with growing disdain towards the government’s treatment of students and the wider population, we noticed the need for a group, such as the Student Assembly Against Austerity, within our college. A forum by which student voices are encouraged, empowered and form a basis for political action, is what we were eager to establish.

Through the keen encouragement by our Students’ Union President, Charlie, along with team spirit we were able to announce our first Student Assembly meeting just 1 week after proposing the idea.

Within our 1st and 2nd meetings we discussed matters such as: group democracy, the autumn statement, the extremism bill, role distribution, the national week of action, the treatment of lgbt+ students within the education system, and our first campaign. Our 3rd meeting was solely dedicated to discussing our response to the vote for airstrikes on Syria. from these meetings, we are able to announce our first focus/campaign as a group: to address local mps who voted for airstrikes on Syria, in the form of education and spreading awareness of the real consequences of our MPs’ decisions.”

Click here to link to the college blog.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Anti-austerity movement

The anti-austerity, anti-privatisation agenda of Jeremy Corbyn is the voice and desire of ordinary people.  It is no wonder that he is attacked all the time, just like we are, calling for a fairer society that benefits all, not just the few.  As an ally to our cause and aims, strengthening his position will be much needed.

Have a look at this interview where Jeremy Corbyn says his  campaign was “anti-austerity – that was the whole basis of it.” The overlap between his campaign and the Peoples Assembly movement is enormous. Here is another very interesting article, which suggests that if one wants it a Jeremy Corbyn electoral victory  in 2020 it is necessary to keep the wider anti-austerity focus, whether pushed by Labour Party members, Labour Party supporters or activists completely unrelated to the Labour Party.  The goal cannot just be to integrate these various struggles or activists into Labour’s electoral machine.

Our next steering group meeting

  •  7.00  pm Wednesday the 6th of January
  • Cafe Loco, 7 John St, Derby DE1 2LU

We will be reviewing the Junior Doctors dispute, amongst other things.

All Welcome!

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