Tell Sports Direct don’t be a Scrooge – sign the petition now

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Sports Direct scrooge

Imagine working in a factory where you are monitored round the clock in harsh working conditions. You are publicly shamed over a tannoy for ‘not working hard enough’. Your bosses punish you for chatting too much, spending too much time in the loo or being sick and unable to attend work. You’re searched at the end of your shift – on unpaid time.

More than 2,000 workers face these conditions at Sports Direct’s Shirebrook warehouse, many on zero hours contracts that a Guardian undercover report found to be effectively paying less than the national minimum wage. No wonder the company’s working practices have been described as Dickensian.

Sports Direct isn’t the only British company to rely on low pay and terrible conditions. But, as a highly profitable FTSE 100 corporation, it is one of the largest and most brazen. And it’s not just warehouse staff that suffer: three quarters of its high street shop workers are on zero-hours contracts, with no security, no sickness pay, and no guaranteed hours of work.

But Unite members and supporters are taking action against Sports Direct this Christmas, and ask you to join them. By combining high street campaigns, shareholder protests and online action we can get decent pay and conditions for Sports Direct staff.

Tell Sports Direct don’t be a Scrooge – sign the petition now

Please sign the petition and share this email with friends to help put pressure on Sports Direct over their Christmas shopping season.

Thanks for all your help,
John and the Going To Work team

Further reading: Revealed: how Sports Direct effectively pays below minimum wage(Guardian)


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