Derby People’s Assembly: DECEMBER NEWS LETTER

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Derby People’s Assembly DECEMBER NEWS LETTER


Autumn statement


Our active opposition to cuts through campaigning  in all sorts of ways has seen some success with U-turns on a series of proposed cuts, to working tax credits, to the police and to the NHS. This combination of fierce attack combined with tactical retreat reveals the Tories’ real position – they are a weak minority but will relentlessly pursue savage cuts where they can.  See



peoples_assembly_logoStudents against austerity

Derby college students have launched a campaigning group against austerity.  Life is indeed much tougher for young people because of cuts to their living capabilities as learners, cuts to education funding and of course reduced family disposable incomes.  Naturally being unhappy they decided to tie Osbourne and parade him in the town centre. Join them and make him abandoned austerity completely!

peoples_assembly_logoVoting registrations campaign (including Chester Green)

Along with many others we campaigned to get people registered to vote.  The new forced government changes to the way we register to vote means many people will actually become unable to vote plus area boundaries will change.  Voting matters because it shows strength of feeling and it is a useful addition to being politically active.

peoples_assembly_logoAnti-cuts struggle

The teaching assistants fought a hard fight to protect their pay and conditions and did it with passion.  We supported them to say no to cuts that hurt families, education and the community.  The plans have now been postponed till the end of next summer. Watch this space.

peoples_assembly_logoJunior doctors& NHS campaign

Junior doctors have also joined the fight to protect pay &conditions and to safeguard human lives. Against real evidence about what is safe, the government is pushing ahead with cutting all it can to make our NHS cheaper to sell off.  The NHS is still ranked number 1 health care system in terms of outcomes and efficiency and the USA bottom; will we really allow health provision to disappear in the name of profit?

peoples_assembly_logoWar on Jeremy Corbyn

The anti-austerity, anti-privatisation agenda of Jeremy Corbyn is the voice and desire of ordinary people.  It is no wonder that he is attacked all the time, just like we are, calling for a fairer society that benefits all, not just the few.  As an ally to our cause and aims, strengthening his position will be much needed


Finally, with Christmas on the horizon we hope you energise and strengthen yourselves to continue the fight and when humanity and charity are raised as a discussion, remind people that Christ was a refugee from the middle East

Derby People’s Assembly

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