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Protest against the Autumn Statement

Derby People’s Assembly along with Derby Trades Councils are organising a leafleting and petition action against George Osborne’s latest Autumn Statement. This is being held at the Spot, in Derby on Saturday the 28th of November, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

We ask you to bring whatever props you can to help liven things up. We are holding an organising meeting Wednesday the 25th, at Cafe Loco, 7 pm, so come along with your ideas.

Teaching Assistants

We are opposed to further cuts and falls in living standards imposed by the Tory Government. The teaching assistants are still trying to do their utmost to ensure that the cuts upon their conditions are not imposed upon them. Therefore they are protesting once again – the above photo is from their last action  – outside the Council House on Wednesday the 25th, from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Junior Doctors

Eventually, after handing out leaflets and working on the petition, we made some contact with Junior Doctors in Derby. They had decided, at very short notice to set up a stall in the city centre. This was scheduled to run from 10 to 12 yesterday. Actually we finished about half past three in the afternoon. Public support was immense. More than 500 signatures were collected. Hundreds of badges were given away. The action was included on BBC local TV. Here is a picture of some of the doctors doing a selfie: 

Here is a quote from Dick Banker:
“This event went ahead superlatively well I found talking to the junior doctors very educational in terms of hearing of their experiences and the hours of work they were doing I found totally appalling. Their real dedication to the NHS is treated with contempt by Jeremy Hunt whose actions over BSkyB as Culture Secretary was totally corrupt. Despite icy blasts of wind, we stuck it out and the response by the people of Derby was inspiring. What’s best as it showed how the public love the NHS and I truly hope it will give them heart. There’s certainly the general realisation that they fight for all of us and other groups of NHS workers stand to be

 attacked in their turn.

The doctors don’t want to strike but feel they have no choice. The first industrial action is due to take place on Tuesday the first. We are talking to the doctors about how we can help. We are also working on a leaflet that could be used by others. Watch this space.

Together we can win!

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