We are your Junior Doctors: 6 minutes to save the #NHS

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Published on Nov 13, 2015

Upload your photos and videos of support using #NHSselfie and #JuniorContract

Sign the petition: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petition…

This is a story about the patients and people of the NHS, and the staff that have dedicated their lives to helping others at their most scared and their most vulnerable. This campaign is far bigger than the terms and conditions of a contract – this is a campaign to defend the National Health Service itself.

http://www.medicineforthenhs.com How does the imposed junior doctor contract threaten the future of the NHS?

This is a grassroots effort striving to give a voice to 53,000 junior doctors, hundreds of thousands of NHS Staff and millions of patients across the country.

This film is the culmination of the collaborative efforts of a huge number of people who felt impassioned and driven by this cause to dedicate their time and talents for free. They cannot be thanked enough. But they are only the start. You are the next step. We need your help to fight the devastating changes to the way that healthcare can be delivered and the future of the NHS.


Produced by: Dr Amar Mashru, Dr Michael Eyre and Dr Joe Lipton

Filmed by: Oz Thakkar, Fergus Dingle and Sam Crook

Post Production: Guy Hixon, Simon Smith, Tom Carpenter

Original Soundtrack: Lois Paton

Original Photography: Richard Perry

Narrated by: Amar Mashru

With Special Thanks to: Ailsa White, Kami Paulson, Helen Malcolm, Phil Dart, Mark Sohatee, Professor Harold Ellis, Janna Kenny, Rachael Mitchell, Hannah Brotherstone, Ovi Roy, Matt Edwards, Reena Aggarwal, David Cocke, Tom Simpson, David Simmonds, Tom Merrifield, Ricky Stokes, Neel Patel, Jennifer Hulse, Chris Foster.

As always, thank you to our parents and our families.

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