Sign the petition: Protect the right to strike

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Protect the right to strike

The government’s controversial trade union bill gets its third and final reading in the House of Commons tomorrowTuesday 10 November. This dangerous legislation threatens the basic right to strike for workers across the UK.

However, the vote might be closer than the government would like. We’re hearing from a number of Conservative MPs who are worried about the risks to important civil liberties or who feel parts of the bill are unfair and unnecessary. Some have even spoken out in public and said they’ll support amendments to cut out some of the worst parts of the bill.

With such a slender government majority, anything could happen. As our MPs are getting ready for this big vote, let’s send them a big signal that we don’t want them to take liberties with our right to strike.

We’ve got a new petition to Prime Minister David Cameron, calling on him to think again about this bad bill. It’s been growing really fast – 35,000 have signed already.

Can you help pile on the pressure even more? Sign and share our petition now and let’s make it something our MPs can’t ignore.

Sign the petition to protect the right to strike


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