Why don’t we save our steelworkers, when we’ve spent billions on bankers?

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Why don’t we save our steelworkers, when we’ve spent billions on bankers?

Angela Merkel and Matteo Renzi have used European Union funds to safeguard their steel manufacturers, yet David Cameron won’t even lift a finger to help

Andrzej Krauze illustration showing the demise of UK steel
‘Britain is entering the early stages of yet another industrial catastrophe.’ Illustration by Andrzej Krauze

Every so often a society decides which of its citizens really matter. Which ones get the star treatment and the big cash handouts – and which get shoved to the bottom of the pile and penalised. These are the big, rough choices post-crash Britain is making right now.

A new hierarchy is being set in place by David Cameron in budget after austerity budget. Wealthy pensioners: winners. Young would-be homeowners: losers. Millionaires see their taxes cut to 45%, while the working poor pay a marginal tax rate of 80%. Big business gets to write its own tax code; benefit claimants face harsh sanctions.

When the contours of this new social order are easy to spot, they can cause public uproar – as with the cuts to tax credits. Elsewhere, they’re harder to pick out, though still central. It is into this category that the crisis in the British steel industry falls.

It would be easy to tune out the past few weeks’ headlines about plant closures and job losses as just another story of business disaster. But what’s happening to our steelworkers, and what we do to protect them, goes to the heart of the debate about which people – and which places – count in Britain’s political economy.

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