IDS Makes Food Banks Part of the ‘Welfare State’

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Mike over at Vox Political has reported that IDS, in his comments to the Commons, seems to see food banks as part of the welfare state, despite his previous denials. Mike’s article Are food banks a part of the benefit system now DWP advisors are being sent there? begins

Iain Duncan Smith has indicated that he considers food banks to be a permanent part of the benefit system now, while answer questions posed by the Commons Work and Pensions committee.

He said he was “fully in support of food banks” and added that, “where people go to food banks because of problems with the department, the department tries to pick up those problems.”

He also said he was visited by representatives of a food bank before the summer break, who said some individuals had a problem with benefit payments.

He said he tried putting a benefits adviser in the food…

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