Our campaign to get the #NHS out of the toxic trade deal, #TTIP is working.

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The Cabinet has the power to save the NHS from TTIP. They’re feeling pressure from the public. Write to Cabinet MPs today.
Write to ministers now

Our campaign to get the NHS out of the toxic trade deal, TTIP is working. [1] Already we’ve sent over 2,600 emails to the cabinet. And we know they’re talking about our campaign. Now we can get more of them involved! Can you write to some Cabinet MPs now and ask them to commit to protect the NHS from TTIP?
Write to ministers now

The minister who can save the NHS from TTIP is Francis Maude. He has to work with the cabinet every day. The more cabinet members who get these emails, the more conversations they’ll be having with Francis Maude.Together, we can make sure he knows how much of an important issue this is for everyone in the country. Then we could persuade him to take the NHS out of TTIP.

We’ve flooded the inboxes of some of the cabinet already. We can do more now and in future, we might need to do even more. But each time we do it, there’s a tool that makes it easy and quick. And taken together, the effect could be huge. Every message counts.
Write to ministers now

Thanks for all you do.

Ron Singer,
Retired GP, NHS activist

[1] TTIP is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership You can read more about it, and why experts agree that it’s a danger to our NHS, in the articles below.

TTIP: The biggest threat to democracy you’ve never heard of:
Trade talks ‘must include healthcare’:
TTIP could make NHS privatisation ‘irreversible’, warns Unite the union:

This campaign is supported by Unite the union

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