Jeremy Corbyn’s victory has already transformed politics

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Jeremy Corbyn’s victory has already transformed politics


If the Labour leader’s supporters keep their heads, his election can break open the political system

It must have been the shortest political honeymoon ever. Barely had the landslide election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader been announced than the backlash began in earnest. The 100-1 outsider might have pulled off the most extraordinary democratic leadership victory. But when it came to the political and media establishment, the usual niceties were dispensed with entirely.

Within minutes, the first of a string of Blairite resignations from shadow cabinet jobs they had not yet been offered had begun. The Conservatives issued bloodcurdling warnings about the threat posed to the security of the country and every family in the land. And the media campaign was raised to new levels of hysteria – with Corbyn and his allies depicted as deranged terrorist sympathisers.

One more notch on the propaganda dial and they’d be calling for the Labourleadership to be deported to internment camps in Caithness. The onslaught was expected. But the anti-democratic virulence of Britain’s tax-dodging media monopolists still has the capacity to take the breath away. It has also served to obscure the scale and significance of what has taken place.

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