How the #NHS is being dismantled in 10 easy steps

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How the NHS is being dismantled in 10 easy steps

YOUSSEF EL GINGIHY  Thursday 27 August 2015

You might feel like nothing has changed in the national health service – bit actually, the government have legally abolished it and are working to make that abolition a reality

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Nobody’s told you, but the government’s Health and Social Care Act has legally abolished the NHS. On the surface, it appears that nothing has changed. You can still see your GP or go to hospital and receive care free at the point of delivery. But behind the scenes, something else is going on: the NHS is being privatised.

As a GP in Tower Hamlets, I want to tell my patients what’s really going on. Over the last 30 years, successive governments have dismantled our national health service – and here’s how they did it.

1. Create a Market

2. Introduce Public-Private partnerships

3. Facilitate the Corporate Takeover

4. Install a Revolving Door

5. Organise a Great Big Sell Off

6. Run a Smear Campaign

7. Legislate for the Dismantling of the NHS

8. Plot Against the NHS

9. Brew the Perfect Storm

10. Introduce Universal Private Health Insurance