In A Right State: Banner Theatre’s production at #Derbyuk Guildhall, Thursday 22nd October, from 6.45pm.

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In A Right State

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The Tory government have launched a major attack on Britain’s welfare state, threatening the jobs and living standards of millions of working people.

Whose crisis? They claim that the national deficit demands massive cuts in our public services. The truth is neo-liberal governments throughout the world created the crisis, allowing the global banking system to career out of control in its unfettered pursuit of profit.

Who will pay? Not the fat cats. As usual, they expect ordinary working people to pay with the most savage cuts that this country has seen since the 1930s.

Our answer? Resistance!

Banner Theatre’s 1st of May Band is touring “In A Right State”, a multimedia cabaret of songs, music, comedy and video. The Band delivers a punchy soundscape of reggae, rap, flamenco, folk and blues to lay bare the real story behind the crisis, and support the campaign to defend our welfare state.

Banner Theatre’s production at Derby Guildhall,

Thursday 22nd October, from 6.45. “In A Right State”

 It’s about fighting for the NHS and education and disability rights. £10.00 (£8.00)

Online DerbyLive or phone 01332 255 800. [also in Belper 21st October]