Help spread the word about #TTIP in #Derbyshire Dales

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 Help spread the word about #TTIP in Derbyshire Dales 

he Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a terrible deal – but most people have never heard of it. It would let more bee-killing pesticides on our fields and many more banned chemicals into our food. And it could give big businesses the right to sue the UK if they don’t like our laws. [1]

If we want to stop this dangerous deal, we need more people to join the campaign so politicians know they won’t be able to get it past us.

That’s why Graham, :mary and Vicky are meeting up in Derbyshire Dales to spread the word about TTIP and get more people behind the campaign to stop this trade deal. But it’s not just people living in Derbyshire Dales going out – there are thousands of 38 Degrees members meeting up across the UK. If we can turn more of the public against this shady deal it’ll be impossible for politicians to pass it.

On the day, 38 Degrees members will be adding people’s names to the massive Europe wide petition against TTIP, and handing out leaflets. The office team needs to print and post the leaflets in 24 hours to make sure they get to everyone in time. So please can you register today?

 Derbyshire Dales spread the word about TTIP, the dangerous trade deal between Europe and America?

Please sign up in the next 24 hoursso the office team can send you a pack with leaflets and petition sheets to get members of the public to add their name to the massive petition against TTIP.

Click the button below to find out more information, and to sign up to attend:

Meeting on Sat 22nd Aug 2015
Location: Market Place, Wirksworth
When: Saturday 22nd August 11.00am

TTIP Day of Action
Location: Meet outside the Co-op main entrance next to car park
When: Saturday 22nd August 11.00am

TTIP Day of Action
Location: Outside the Post Office on Bank Road, Matlock, DE4 3AA.
When: Saturday 22nd August 11.00am

See  more information here


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