Black and minority ethnic Britons ‘worse off’ after budget

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Black and minority ethnic Britons ‘worse off’ after budget

Thinktank says minorities twice as likely as white people to lose out from George Osborne’s benefit cuts


Among ethnic minorities, more than 1.25 million households and more than 4 million people could be worse off, the study calculates.

The Conservative budget risks widening Britain’s racial divide by making millions of minority ethnic people poorer at a faster rate than their white counterparts, a study has found. Four million black and minority ethnic people could be left with less income, with one of the worst affected groups being British Muslims, according to the report by the Runnymede Trust.

The report was compiled by Omar Khan, the director of the trust, a racial equality thinktank. He said minority ethnic Britons were around twice as likely to lose out as white Britons from George Osborne’s plans. Runnymede’s study has built in the fact that the national minimum wage will rise to £9 a hour in 2020. But changes to tax credits and other welfare payments will hit minority ethnic Britons harder than their white compatriots.

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