The nine green policies killed off by the #Tory government

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Onshore wind, solar, green homes … we round up the measures that have gone under the knife in what some are calling the worst period for UK environmental policy in 30 years

Storm clouds over wind turbines
Stormy times ahead for onshore wind following cuts to subsidies. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/Guardian

Amber Rudd has been accused of “grotesque hypocrisy” today for claiming the government is leading on climate change while overseeing a string of attacks on green policies. Some environmentalists say it’s the worst period for environmental policy in three decades.

Scrapping support for onshore wind

Solar subsidies to be axed too

Biomass hit too

Killing the flagship green homes scheme

Selling off the green investment bank

Watering down the incentive to buy a greener car

Giving up on zero carbon homes

Fracking in Britain’s most important nature sites

Goodbye green tax target

Tidal power in the firing line?

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